About Matchstick

Who We Are

Ben Hausman is receiving his BM at Towson University under Dr. Michelle Humphreys. He previously studied under Kevin Meyers. He enjoys spending time discovering ways to work with digital sounds alongside acoustic sounds and music. Outside of music Ben loves to play tabletop role playing games and rhythm games.

Malcolm Taylor is receiving his BM at Towson University under Dr. Michelle Humphreys, expected to graduate in the Spring of 2021. He is really interested in the “wacky” side of percussion music, and enjoys theatrical pieces such as, Francois Sarhan’s “Situations”. While away from playing, Malcolm enjoys cooking and sipping tea with friends!

Corey Sittinger is currently studying for his MM at the University of Maryland under Dr. Lee Hinkle and received his BM at Towson University under Dr. Michelle Humphreys. He has worked with groups such as the 21st Century Consort and DC Concert Orchestra. In his free time he competes in triathlons and paints.

Zach Wilson received his BM at Towson University studying with Dr. Michelle Humphreys. In addition to studying at TU, he plays drums for community theater and teaches high school marching band. Outside of music Zach loves playing ultimate frisbee and drinking coffee.

Artist Statement

Matchstick Percussion is a DC/Baltimore based percussion quartet dedicated to new music and contributing to the ever growing percussion repertoire. We recognize that the field is still young and that we are able to help push the boundaries on how music is perceived. We look to bring diverse performances to a wide range of audiences, as well as promote and educate them about the field. 

We believe in helping to build equitable and diverse relations within the music community. Because of this we look to present music from diverse composers, backgrounds, and musical styles, and incorporate and promote opportunity so that underrepresented artists, and artists lacking favorable circumstances can help us grow the field of percussion. In time, we look to help set the precedent of modern percussion repertoire.

We strive to collaborate with musicians, artists, dancers, and other performers to create new and exciting experiences for our audience. As performers and educators, we seek to promote the unification of body and sound with our approach to health and longevity behind the instruments.