New Music Equity Action Pledge

We at Matchstick Percussion strive to make the world of music a better place for all. Because of this, we have joined New Music Equity Action and countless other individuals, ensembles, and organizations in taking the following pledge to promote equity and work towards an environment of anti-racism in the field.

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As part of the new music community in the United States, we recognize the legacy and current reality of inequity, racism, and anti-Blackness in our field and our individual and collective responsibility to change that. We acknowledge the historical exclusion that minority communities have faced in the new music ecosystem, the intersectional mechanisms that have perpetuated this exclusion, and, in spite of all this, the profound impact that minority communities’ artistry has had on new music. To rectify this legacy of White supremacy and injustice and to actively participate in its replacement with a more diverse and equitable future, we join New Music Equity Action in making the following pledges:


We immediately commit ourselves to the work of dismantling the inequitable status quo in new music, and will specifically make doing so part of our mission statement, artist statement, and/or organizational goals. 


We pledge to engage in active support of disenfranchised communities and individuals when they are faced with structural exclusion or targeted retribution by institutions or individuals within our field. 


We commit ourselves to embodying a new culture of transparency in new music by publicly and consistently providing relevant demographic information regarding programming, commissioning, collaborating artists, personnel, et cetera.


We recognize that the perpetuation of exclusion is in part due to institutionally reinforced ignorance. We commit to actively broadening our knowledge of artists and repertoire from excluded communities, and make an ongoing commitment to the development and improvement of the skills we need to effectively engage in anti-racism work. 


We commit to disrupting cycles of privilege by evaluating the resources (financial and otherwise) that we have access to and developing strategies to share, leverage, or redirect resources to benefit historically disinvested communities.

Continuing Practice

We commit to treating these pledges as a first step, and will continue to participate in the ongoing fight against racism and inequity in the field of new music by remaining engaged with our peers as part of a continuing collaborative coalition for justice — reaching out for help when we need it and providing support to others when we can.

As part of this coalition effort to dismantle inequity in the field of new music, we join with our peers in making a commitment to develop and make public by the end of the 2020–21 season a comprehensive five-year cultural equity plan for our programming, commissioning, and artistic collaborations to fully reflect the diversity of the United States or its most diverse communities.